12-17ND396-1-H Diamond Spray
Necklace Experiences

Diamond Spray

A fresh new look from our Edgy Renaissance™ collection, this diamond spray is a beautiful necklace to accent the gems. Vented with delicate scrolls in a subtle window, this edgy design provides a glimpse into the past. Created by artisans in our Connecticut shop, this original necklace can be crafted in any color gold or […]

NP159-1-H Tiered Emerald Necklace
Necklace Experiences

Tiered Emerald Necklace

The Intriguing design of this elevated Tiered Emerald Necklace captures the imagination. Handmade by our Connecticut jewelers this a 1.52 carat emerald provides a warm focal point in our geometric diamond lattice. Accompanied by round, princess, and baguette cut diamonds this unique emerald necklace was created by hand from twenty six individual strips white gold. […]